Number of jobs available

10 Slamannan,

5 Limerigg

2 Heathrigg Nursery

Who can apply? Anyone who cares about looking after our school.

Requirements of the post

Have pride in our school.

Give your own time, once each week, to ensure your area of responsibility is kept at its very best.

Be willing to clean, tidy and fix up anything in your area of responsibility.

Important skills needed for this job.

The successful pupils will show very good skills in...

1. Taking responsibility and ownership for an area of the school without adult direction.

2. Notice when things need fixed and use initiative to carry this out.

3. Make any recommendations for making your area better.

4. Communicate the importance of looking after our school to others.

Apply Now

If you are interested in this job, please go to the Apply Now section to find out how.