Number of jobs available       

10 Slamannan,

4 Limerigg

4 Heathrigg Nursery

Who can apply? P6 and 7 pupils only

Requirements of the post

Playground supervision - once each week

Engaging children in games.

Making sure that all children have a friend and are enjoying the playground.

Giving stickers for children following school values.

Following instructions from School Support Staff.

Dining Hall duty twice per week

Helping Primary 1 settle into the dining hall.

Helping them choose their food and carry their tray.

Encourage children to use knife and fork.

Monitor that all children are eating their lunch.

Giving out stickers for eating lunch and good manners.

Following instructions from support staff.

Other support as and when required by teacher.

Communicate with the  class teacher to check any support required on a daily/weekly basis.

Nursery buddies will communicate with Mrs Sharp.

Important skills needed for this job.

The successful pupils will show very good skills in...

1. Being an excellent role model for our younger children by always following our school values.

2.  Being friendly and patient with the pupils so that they trust you and will come for help if needed.

3. Being active and involving the children in games.

4. Good observation skills to ensure all children are happy and included in the playground.

5. Listen to and follow adult instructions.

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