Number of jobs available     3

Who can apply?        P7 pupils only

We require at least one co-ordinator from each school.

Requirements of the post

Organisation of certificates

Collecting the names of certificate winners in advance of the assembly each week.

Writing names on certificates.

Presenting certificates at the assembly.

Organising other assembly news

Collecting shout outs and 1 in a minions.

Organising prize tins.

Checking for any other Good News to share.

We have talent

Recruiting 2 children each week to share their talent at the assembly.

Research new songs and put together suggested playlists for Mrs Wilson.

Important skills needed for this job.

The successful pupils will show very good skills in...

1. Being reliable - this job needs to be completed on time every week for Mrs Wilson's assembly to be a success.

2. Being organised - you need to liaise with classroom teachers and gather resources together in only 25 minutes on a Friday morning.

3. Good communication with the other children in school to share talent and find out what they would like at assembly.

4. Neat handwriting and attention to detail when spelling names on certificates.

5. Clear and confident speaker to present at assembly.

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